Benzyl alcohol is commonly used to treat head lice or other insects that have infested the scalp. It is also used as a local anesthetic to lessen pain with Lidocaine injections as well as used in perfumery and flavorings because of its natural aromatic properties. Benzyl alcohol is low in polarity and vapor pressure, which makes it a useful solvent in products like inks, epoxy resin, paints and lacquers. It is low in toxicity but should be used as directed, since too much can cause skin irritation and damage to the eyes. Children under six months old must not use benzyl alcohol because it can cause serious side effects, including serious respiratory problems and death. Benzyl alcohol is available for purchase from a variety of places. The purchaser should be sure to follow all instructions carefully and be sure you’re buying from a reputable seller. Benzyl alcohol is available online from a number of web sites, including medical lab suppliers, research chemical sites and through dealers on Before buying your benzyl alcohol, there are certain guidelines you should follow. The first recommendation is that you stick to places that are located in the US. The reason for this is that although it may be available from a number of countries at competitive prices, the US has higher purity standards than most other places around the world. You want to be sure it says “USP” grade, which stands for United States Pharmacopoeia, which sets standards for pharmaceuticals and chemicals. Whether you’re buying it to treat lice or as a solvent or for research purposes, be sure to ask questions before buying your benzyl alcohol. For example, dealers on Amazon have places where you can ask questions about the product’s purity, for example. The seller has a place to respond and for customers to read before purchasing. Any reputable site will have a place to submit questions via an email or phone number. If you are unable to get any answers, it is better to move on to another seller. Never buy from a place where you suspect it is being sold for illegal purposes. If you’re buying benzyl alcohol from a web site, choose one with a spot for customer reviews that you can read ahead of time. This is another great feature on, but it can also be found on a number of medical supply sites. The reviews and testimonials from previous customers are a great way to get a feel for the quality of the benzyl alcohol you are buying. You can also leave your own review after you make a purchase on a chosen site. For customers who are not comfortable buying benzyl alcohol online from an unknown web site, you can find a local chemist to help you out. The chemist should also be reputable and able to answer any and all questions about the benzyl alcohol as well as provide you with USP grade product. You can also ask a local pharmacist about the best way to buy benzyl alcohol. When you are in need of benzyl alcohol in the form of a shampoo to treat lice, it can be a very simple purchase. Once you are sure that it is what you need, these shampoos with benzyl alcohol as an active ingredient can be purchased at local department stores like Wal-Mart, Target or other stores with a pharmacy. No matter where you purchase benzyl alcohol, be sure you are fully informed on the proper way to use it before beginning any sort of treatment or experiments with it.