Benzyl benzoate is a valuable chemical compound that is useful for treating harmful skin conditions and sold without a prescription over-the-counter. It can be found in restricted amounts in certain cosmetics and insecticides, but should not be confused with benzyl alcohol, which is a naturally occurring and synthetic ingredient that is found in fruits, teas and essential oils. For medical purposes, benzyl alcohol is found in topical drugs and intravenous medications, in low concentration levels. Because of benzyl alcohol’s high irritant properties, especially to the eyes and skin, it is important that it is not mistaken for benzyl benzoate and its valuable skin irritant treating properties. Benzyl benzoate must be purchased from reputable companies and carefully because it is used to treat highly irritating skin conditions, including human scabies. With scabies, benzyl benzoate is lethal to the mites, and is an inexpensive topical treatment. It has also been known to treat head and body lice infestations. While it is extremely effective in this treatment, overdosing can lead to further irritation that involves rashes or blistering. Benzyl benzoate can also be used to treat whooping cough and asthma. For non-medical uses of benzyl benzoate, it has been found to be effective for repelling insects, including mosquitos, ticks, house mites and chiggers, making it a key ingredient in certain insecticides. Benzyl benzoate is commonly used in veterinary hospitals to treat animals that have been infested with tics. It is however, toxic to cats. In contrast, benzyl alcohol is known for its aromatic properties, and is widely used in perfumery. Benzyl alcohol has the ability to lower pain associated with injections of Lidocaine. Because benzyl benzoate and benzyl alcohol are different, it is important to buy quality benzyl benzoate from a reputable company and in the proper quantities. is stocked with benzyl benzoate and can be purchased in 1 gallon or 5 gallon quantities at competitive prices. It is easy to purchase benzyl benzoate as well as related chemicals and solvents, such as benzyl alcohol, Ethyl Oleate USP or purified Guaiacol. has all of your chemical needs available, including cleanroom gloves, filters and filtration, glassware, lab equipment, sterile vials, vial boxes, sterile wipes and more. Online orders are always secure. When shopping at, it is easy to search by brand, as the top names in medical research and supplies are always in stock. It is easy to set up an account with and add items to your cart for simple checkout. Our blog and newsletter keep customers informed and up to date on our products, especially with sensitive chemical compounds like benzyl benzoate. Read in more detail about the possible common side effects of benzyl benzoate, as well as less common and rare but more serious side effects. Questions about purchases of benzyl benzoate or any other products can be addressed by calling or texting 877-220-1738, online chats or by e-mail, Hours are 8:00-8:00, Monday-Friday and 9:00-2:00 Saturdays.