Cutting pills in half is a common practice. It can be done to save money or because your medication doesn't come in the dose your doctor has prescribed. Getting a higher dose of a medication generally doesn't cost any more than getting a lower dose, so if you are taking 10 mg of a medication and get a 20 mg pill, just cut it in half and you end up with two doses for the price of one! Or, if your doctor determines you need 15 mg of a medication that only comes in 10 mg or 20 mg, you can get 10 mg pills and cut them in half to take a pill and a half to get your required 15 mg dose. The problem with cutting pills in half with a knife is that you don't usually end up with two exact halves. That means you aren't taking the appropriate dose – sometimes you'll have a little more if the "half" is too big, and sometimes you'll have a little under your dose if your "half" is too small. Using a pill cutter can ensure you get an equal cut each time, making dividing your medication much more accurate and safe. Not all pill cutters are created equal, however. Some will turn your tablets into powder while others will split the pill in half precisely down the middle. So when you're wondering where can I buy a pill cutter that will do the job the right way – you've come to the right place. Before Using a Pill Cutter Before you grab a pill cutter and start splitting pills in half make sure you get the go-ahead from your doctor or pharmacy. Not all medications can be safely split in half without losing effectiveness. Also, if the plan is to save money on your prescriptions, you will need your doctor to write the prescription for the higher dose so you can split the pill or tablet in half and end up with the right dose. Buy an Ultra Pill Cutter We've researched a number of pill cutter options and have found the Ultra Pill Cutter to be among the easiest and most accurate ways of cutting your pills and tablets in half. The pill cutter can safely and accurately cut pills and tablets up to 800mg in size. It's a convenient small size, which makes it easy for the pill cutter to travel with you, too. Just slide it into your purse or pocket, toss it in with your luggage, and you've got everything you need to ensure a proper pill split every time. It includes a blade guard to prevent cutting fingers, too. You can buy the Ultra Pill Cutter from our website for under $10 (plus shipping and handling).