When shopping for a hospital bed, you are going to pay a little more for added conveniences such push-button adjustments. Some other extras include bigger mattresses and added cost for sheets. It is important to remember you are paying extra for the convenience and comfort and that in some cases it is very necessary. Manual Hospital Beds Manual hospital beds require no electricity. These beds begin at the low price of 500 dollars. These beds can range between 598 and to about 669 dollars. Manual beds are best for the use of patients with little or no need for bed adjustments. With these beds’ positions are adjusted by using a hand crank. The lower price comes with some muscle work.  Semi Electric  This bed starts as low as 569 dollars and ranging to 1000 dollars or more. This bed comes with some electric features such as head and foot adjustments with the push of a button. With this bed adjustment to height must be made using a hand crank. The semi-electric bed is excellent for patients who do not require frequent bed position adjustments.  Full Electric  Full electric hospital beds can be as low as 649 dollars or as high as 2000 dollars or more. These beds come equipped with a remote to control bed positions and bed height. Some beds even control devices such as the television and lights. Some advantages you get when you purchase this bed versus a semi-electric are:
  1. You are paying a few dollars more for the full electric versus the semi-electric bed, and you will have more features.
  2. Bed height is adjustable with the press of a button for patients to use versus the hand crank beds which require more muscle work and some help from a caregiver. 
Bariatric  This bed starts from the 979 dollars range to the 3,460-dollar range. These beds are full electric beds that come with an extra wide mattress for bigger patients. The bed is designed to hold a weight of 1000 pounds or more. This is a heavy-duty hospital bed and is great to help prevent bed injuries in larger patients. Such injuries include bed sores. Hi-Lo Bed These beds begin around 935 dollars and can range to about 2,000 dollars. This bed has to ability to be about 7 inches off the floor. This is great for patients who tend to fall out of bed. Even with a 6-inch mattress, it is still a 13-inch distance from the floor. This bed is also great for patients who have trouble getting in and out of bed because it can adjust to being higher to allow easy access out of bed.  Trendelenburg  This bed ranges from about 700 dollars to 4,000 dollars and up. This bed is a specialty bed used to help patients in recovery therapy. This bed is also used in surgeries as well because of the positioning of the bed. This bed is an electric bed and comes with features such as press button position changes. When shopping for a bed, it is essential to consider the patient's needs and to remember you get what you pay for. Brands such as Invacare have beds that fit all patients needs for affordable prices.