A blood collection set otherwise known as a butterfly needle is used for the collection of blood and the infusion of fluids into the vein. A blood collection set is a sterile needle with a winged shape design. This design is intended to prevent needle stick injury from happening to a patient or healthcare provider. It is for single use only so that it prevents the needle from being accidentally reused. Reusing a needle can potentially be harmful and dangerous because it could transmit infectious diseases to the patient such as HIV. The winged shape is designed to fit comfortably to the body’s contour.  Blood is drawn for testing purposes, so a great needle is the key to an accurate blood sample. Using the wrong needle could damage the blood cells causing an inaccurate result or harm the patient by tearing the vein. The blood collection set is helpful for those with difficult veins, infants, children, the elderly and for use in hand and scalp veins. This needle also has more advantages for patients with blood disorders reducing bleeding after the blood is drawn. The in-vein activation safety feature helps keep the healthcare provider safe from accidental blood exposure. Another safety feature is transparent tubing so that the health care provider knows the needle is inside of the vein correctly. The blood collection set comes pre-assembled and is ready to use straight from the package making it very low maintenance and easy to use. It was designed with comfort, convenience, and the patient’s safety in mind. Benefits of the Blood Collection Set Some advantages of the blood collection set are:
  • Needlestick prevention ensures that a needle puncturing the skin does not accidentally wound a patient. 
  • Ease of Control
  • Tube coiling prevention
  • Accommodation of all patients 
  • Elimination of a possible allergic reaction
Features of the Blood Collection Set Features include:
  • Flexible tubing for easy handling
  • Sterile needle
  • Easy to handle wings for improved positioning
  • Latex-free 
  • Push-button built-in safety device 
  • one-handed activation immediately after use to prevent needlestick injuries. 
  • There are four needle gauges to select from because choosing the right gauge is essential. If the wrong gauge is used, it could tear the vein and cause bleeding. If the gauge is too small, it can damage the cells and cause the results to be invalid. Gauges generally range from 18-27. 
  • Three tubing lengths to select from
The blood collection set is designed following OSHA standards. This needle provides comfort, safety, and convenience for the patients and the healthcare providers making it a win-win. It has many great features and benefits for the price you pay. The blood collection set is priced in the 15 dollars and up range. Having blood drawn is usually an experience that causes anxiety for many patients. Having a needle that is ready to use therefore reducing wait time can help the patient have a better experience. Add to that a virtually painless experience with little to no bleeding afterward makes for a very successful procedure.