A dropper bottle is shaped like a pitcher: it has a tapered neck and a stopper with a glass or plastic rod applicator designed to supply liquids in small amounts. The stopper is typically made in the form of a bulb rubber cap, and can be used to pull up a few drops of liquid from the bottle, and to dispense one drop at a time on the skin, into another container, into eyes, ears, hair, or in your mouth. Dropper bottles can be used to store essential oils, cosmetics, herbal extracts, and more. Dropper bottles in darker colors are designed to withstand UV contamination, making them a good storage option for light sensitive compounds. How to Use a Liquid Dropper Bottle If you have received a dropper bottle with medication or essential oils inside, or you've purchased your own bottles to create some sort of liquid mixtures, the steps for using the bottle are as follows: Unscrew the cap to the bottle, or pop it off (depending what type of lid your dropper bottle has) Pinch the rubber bulb top with your finger and thumb and press the pipette down into the bottle, making sure the end is in the liquid (you may need to tilt the bottle if the liquid level is low) Loosen your grip on the bulb top so the liquid can be pulled into the pipette Remove the pipette and bulb from bottle, the liquid will be inside the pipette Put the end of the pipette where you want the drop of liquid to go and give the rubber bulb another pinch to distribute a drop of the liquid Some dropper bottle pipettes will have measurements on the side so you can pull up exactly the amount of liquid you need. When dispensing, you would then make sure the entire amount was expelled from the pipette onto the surface of wherever you are applying the liquid. Common Uses for Dropper Bottles In addition to medical uses, dropper bottles are used for a wide variety of homeopathic and cosmetic remedies. Here are the most common uses for dropper bottles: Make Your Own Massage Oil Dropper bottles are the ideal storage vessel for creating and storing your own essential oils. You can blend your favorite oils together in your dropper bottles and dispense just a few drops into your palms when you're ready to give a massage. Store Eye Serum When you only need a drop of oil, such as when using eye or face serum, a dropper bottle is perfect to ensure you don't get too much oil at a time. Just put a drop on your finger and dab it in place. Apply Oil to Nails and Cuticles Help your nails and cuticles with a touch of oil right where you need it. Your hands face a lot of challenges every day, a couple drops of essential oil and vitamin E oil applied to the cuticle area and they'll be good as new!