What is A Dropper Bottle Used For?
Pasteur pipettes, or more commonly dropper bottles, are round translucent bottles, typically made of glass or plastic. Attached to the barrel-shaped bottles are reducers or droppers used to retrieve liquid from the container. The dropper bottles are used for dispensing small, controlled amounts of liquids for a variety of uses. Medical Uses Dropper bottles became widely prevalent in their use in the medical field, thanks to the reusable containers and ability to accurately disperse liquids. Most bottles are opaque in color, offering even more protection from UV light that can degrade substances. These characteristics make it the perfect device for applying medication orally, in the ears, eyes, or even topically on the scalp. Non-Medical Uses Dropper bottles aren’t limited to strict medicinal use. In fact, you will find the dropper bottles in more places outside of the doctor's office. They have found their way into Pinterest pages, beauty stores, and much more. Essential Oils The use of essential oils is on the rise. In 2015, the essential oil market was valued at USD 3.36 BILLION a year with an expected growth rate of 9% by 2024, and for good reason. Essential oils are natural and are linked to positive benefits related to aromatherapy. The best part? It’s all natural! The best mode of application? The dropper bottle. Beauty Oils Similarly to applying topical medications, dropper bottles can be used to apply topical beauty treatments! In case you haven’t noticed the prevalence of beards as a fashion statement, here is your sign. Beards are a common sight, but what you usually don’t see is the grooming required to keep them happy and healthy. Beard oils and treatments are being offered in dropper bottles thanks to the characteristics outlined above! It doesn’t stop there. If you don’t have a beard, other beauty products have jumped on the bandwagon by offering shave oils, skin oils/treatments, and hair oils in these eco-friendly bottles. Other Since a majority of dropper bottles are made of glass, which is usually a food-grade material, many have been finding use as a condiment applicator! The perfect example of this is for those who love the flavor of hot sauce, but can’t always handle the heat. The small applicator allows users to control the amount of sauce being applied to their food, and therefore the heat. Pro tip: The dropper bottle is perfect for camping trips! How to Use a Dropper Bottle

Use of a dropper bottle is simple and straightforward, but if you’ve never used one, follow the basic steps for optimal use: Unscrew the dropper from the bottle (shake well beforehand if contents have settled) Gently pinch the rubber bulb, which will bring the liquid into the glass pipette If a specific amount is needed, check the measurement lines on the pipette, gently squeezing out any liquid if overfilled Squeeze liquid out onto the desired area(s) It’s that simple! Dropper bottles are versatile and eco-friendly containers whose use has evolved from medical applications to the arts, beauty, and even culinary fields. Whatever your choice of use, make sure your bottle dropper is made of quality materials and purchased from a reputable online medical supplier.