A vial decrimper is a tool used to remove a crimp seal from a vial so that the vial can be reused. Just like your shampoo or a jug of milk sometimes you need to remove a cap and recap it. The difference is that a vial requires a tool for crimping and decrimping seals. The vial decrimper removes the cap safely and is easy to use so that no time is wasted. The tool ensures proper crimping and decrimping of vial seals. If not sealed properly the substance within the vials could possibly be compromised or spilled. This tool is made from stainless steel so that it may be exposed to different chemicals and sterilization without damage. The decrimper-decapper pliers have removeable cushioned grips for comfort during use. They can be removed for cleaning or for a better grip. These pliers’ range in sizes from 8mm through 32mm. The pliers are inexpensive pricing in around the 50-dollar range. A hand-held vial decrimper works to remove flip caps or all aluminum seals. Sizes vary from 8mm through 32mm, and it is priced around the 200 to 300-dollar price range. Like the pliers some of the vial decrimpers come with removeable grips which is a nice feature. The grips will provide comfort and ease during the removal process. An electronic vial decrimper is around the 800 to 2,000-dollar mark. With this vial decrimper removal is completed in second with just the press of a button. There is no muscle work required with this process. The electronic decrimper also comes with a built-in battery and it can be used while the battery is recharging. With the electronic vial decrimper the vials are clamped into place will the decrimping process is performed. which tool is right for you? So, the question is how do you decided on which tool is the right tool for you? Well, one way to decide which tool is best for you is to determine how much use you will get out of your vial decrimper. If you are working in a lab where you must cap and uncap and then recap 100 or more seals a day that is a lot of strain on your wrist, and it will also take a significant amount of time as well. You may want to go with a decrimper built with a design for comfort, such as grips. You may not want to do any muscle work at all and go with an electronic or automatic Vial decrimper. Another decision you should make is what size you need or if you need a variety of sizes. Some sites provide a link to help you determine the size you need, and other sites provide live chat assistance. Kebby industries, Wheaton and Thermofisher are a few brands that provide vial decrimping tools. Prices and features may vary by brands. Find the tool that best fits your needs and what you are looking to use your tool for.