Caffeine Anhydrous, or just caffeine, for short, is found in a variety of food and drinks and provides several benefits to those who consume it. Some people report feeling energized or stimulated when consuming caffeine, while others say it makes them feel more focused. Did you know caffeine can also help burn fat? Caffeine Anhydrous is an ingredient in a wide variety of health supplements and weight loss products. It's concentrated to give you the boost of energy by stimulating the central nervous system. Caffeine anhydrous benefits include: Feeling more awake Having focus Increased body coordination Improved cognition Suppressed appetite Caffeine Anhydrous as a Fat Burner Caffeine Anhydrous has thermogenic properties which can help the body burn fat. When you consume caffeine, the body increases production of both the epinephrine and norepinephrine hormones, the same hormones responsible for instructing the body to dissolve fat and turn it into energy. Plus, caffeine is a diuretic which helps eliminate excess water and purify you as it removes metabolic wastes. Caffeine cannot be used as a standalone fat burner, however. If you take a high dose of caffeine with nothing else, you're going to experience some unwanted side effects. Caffeine is used to speed up the process of other fat burning and athletic performance enhancing ingredients. So you do not need a high dose, you just need caffeine in combination with your other supplements. You may even be able to use a pill cutter to cut a larger caffeine dose in half to stretch it out and save a little money. Caffeine Anhydrous to Boost Memory In addition to helping your fat burning and performance enhancing supplements do their job, caffeine offers protection from memory loss. A study at INSERM conducted by Dr. Karen Ritchie discovered that caffeine protected female test subjects from cognitive decline, when compared to the group of women who did not take any caffeine. Caffeine Anhydrous for Protecting Against Muscle Damage In another study conducted at the University of Georgia and published in the "Journal of Pain", test subjects taking caffeine supplements before exercises that normally cause muscle damage experienced less pain and soreness compared to the group who did not take caffeine supplements. In the body, caffeine is broken down into three metabolites when it is metabolized in the liver. One metabolite, theobromine, is a muscle relaxant. Theobromine is also found in chocolate and tea, and can decrease blood pressure, increase blood flow to the body's organs (including the brain) and increase heart rate. Where to Buy Caffeine Anhydrous If you want to try caffeine anhydrous to experience the positive benefits, you can do so right here! We provide pharmaceutical grade Caffeine Anhydrous USP, 2.5Kg.