When you need syringes for medical use, finding them online can be challenging if you don’t know where to look, what to look for, or what a good price to pay is. Many pharmacies don’t sell syringes over the counter, and I am sure you can imagine why. This guide will help you find out where to buy syringes online. How to Buy Syringes When you need to buy syringes, there are several factors to consider. Not all syringes are the same size and quality. Med Lab Gear will help you understand what you need to know about syringes and how to figure out the best place to buy syringes. What is a syringe? A syringe is medical device that has cylindrical tube (barrel) with a plunger. The tube has a nozzle at the end for drawing and ejecting liquids. The most common and widely used syringes for sale online are plastic and disposable. The numbers on the side of syringes are for measuring the liquid inside. A hypodermic needle is usually attached to the end of a syringe, but it may also have a nozzle or a type of tubing at the end. What are syringes used for? A syringe has many legitimate medical uses. Drawing blood for medical testing to diagnose and treat diseases. Blood extraction is also used for blood donation. Vaccinations for adults and children Local anesthesia and administering Novocain Cleaning wounds Cleaning gums after tooth extraction or surgery Insulin injections Injecting liquids of gases into the body Laboratory and research applications To help children take oral medications (without a needle) What type of syringe to buy? The most common type of syringe is a single-use, disposable syringe. Single-use syringes for sale online are sold in large boxes of 10 or more. When you are looking for syringes online, you will notice there are many sizes from which you can choose. Common syringe sizes are sold for needle thickness and injection amount. Syringes for sale come with 25 gauge, 27 gauge, 28 gauge, 29 gauge, and 30 gauge needles. The length of the needle is also listed. The size of the needle can range between 5/16 inches to 1 inch long. The liquid measurement on the side of a syringe box is in ‘cc.’ CC stands for cubic centimeter. CC is a shorthand code for medical doses. Additional syringe features to consider There is more to buying a syringe online than the size of the needle and liquid measurement. When looking at syringes on sale, consider comfort and use features as well: Surgical steel needles Easy flow Film-coated needles Easy grip barrels Wide finger grips Protective plunger caps Large, clear measurement markings Lubricated needle When shopping for syringes online, don’t forget to purchase disposable gloves, vials and vial seals, and prep pads. Where to Buy Syringes If you are looking to buy syringes online for medical or research purposes, a medical supply store will have the best deal. In some states, you can buy syringes online without a prescription. When you are looking to buy a syringe, you will need to verify that you are authorized to buy medical and pharmaceutical supplies online from Medlab Gear. Make sure the syringes are of good quality before you add them to your cart.