You may not think there is a lot to vial boxes -- and you’re right. Vial boxes are simple devices that do one thing, but they do it very well. They hold vials. There are a couple of differences you’ll want to keep in mind when shopping for vial boxes, though. Medical professionals may have different needs for vial boxes when compared to say a chemistry professor. There are a few different types of vial boxes based on your needs. For example, if you are storing empty and unused (or sterilized) vials, you might only need a clean cardboard box, while you may need a box that can withstand temperature variances and/or be subjected to fluids. No matter your need, there is a vial box that will satisfy it. Where Can I Purchase Vial Boxes? Before you purchase any medical supply, you’ll want to research a few things. The first and most important piece of information you’ll want to research is the quality/reputation of the medical supply store. Next, you’ll want to check out their relationship with certain medical supply manufacturers. This is also a part of researching the quality and reputation of the medical supply store. Some manufacturers will encourage medical suppliers to push their products even if they aren’t the best product for your specific use. Finally, is their return policy! Given the nature of medical supplies, it can be difficult to return, even if you just picked up the wrong product (and even if it’s only vial boxes!).  In Store Brick and mortar shops are an option, but that doesn’t mean they don’t come with setbacks. Pros:
  • Good relationship with manufacturers. Vendors often visit the store, allowing them to build a relationship with staff.
  • In-person customer service can prevent miscommunications. Who doesn’t love a smile? Being greeted with a competent employee is like a breath of fresh air, especially when they know exactly what you’re looking for.
  • Real-world reviews. With brick and mortar medical supply companies, you have the opportunity to request feedback from medical professionals who may have purchased from the store.
  • Brick and mortar stores are getting rare. It is getting more difficult to find specialty brick and mortar store of any kind, that includes medical supply shops.
  • Staff may not be as qualified as you’d hope. We’ve all had the retail employee who only has a base knowledge of products. Their knowledge might get you through the door, but what if you have a more advanced question?
  • Finicky return policies. Medical supplies of all kinds, including vial boxes, are difficult to return, given the fact that they are related to human health.
  • Price. This kind of goes along with the brick and mortar argument. These types of stores don’t often get customers, forcing them to charge for the increased overhead when compared to online retailers.
Online Retailers E-commerce is a growing market, are you surprised that the medical supply side has established itself online? With all the conveniences of online shopping, there are still some drawbacks to balance it out. Pros:
  • Order anytime. The convenience of online shopping has allowed the market to grow tenfold, that includes medical supplies.
  • Cheap, cheap, cheap. Online retailers don’t share the same overhead as brick and mortar stores, allowing them to charge less. The price with shipping is often cheaper than purchasing in store.
  • More options. It’s the internet, you can find a million brands of the same product. You have options, make it count.
  • Concise information. Online retailers are straight to the point. They give you the information you need without trying to upsell you. 
  • Chance of miscommunication. Although you can be concise in your needs, we all receive information differently and it can be easier to communicate in person. A fix for this is excellent phone service! Most reputable medical suppliers offer communication via phone or email (some even like offer calls and texts!) to avoid potential mishaps.
  • Takes longer to receive. Perhaps the biggest downfall of purchasing anything online is the amount of time it takes to receive an item. Add in the time for returns and reshipped items if you happen to purchase or receive the wrong item and you’re looking at over a week.
When purchasing vial boxes you have options. Make yours count!