An essential oil extracted from the rosemary herb using a steam distillation process, rosemary oil is beneficial for improved hair and scalp health. Rosemary oil contains several antioxidants containing antibacterial properties that decrease DHT – traits that can promote hair growth: Camphor oil, Carnsoic acid, Ethanolic acid, Rosmarinic acid, and 1,8-Cineole. Dry and flaky scalp? Rosemary oil can help. Damaged, brittle hair? Thinning hair? Rosemary can help. The rosemary bush is in the same family of herbs as mint, sage, lavender, and basil; and the leaves and oil have a soothing aroma that offers mood boosting qualities along with its ability to treat or relieve symptoms from a variety of health ailments including those affecting your hair and scalp. Rosemary Oil Studies for Hair Growth In a 2015 study by Iranian researchers, rosemary oil was compared to 2% minoxidil to see whether it would stimulate hair growth in 100 men with male pattern hair loss. Half of the men applied rosemary oil to their hair while the other half used 2% minoxidil twice per day. Minoxidil is the main ingredient in the hair growth product, Rogaine. After six months, the study concluded that rosemary oil provided the same increase of hair as the minoxidil. In a study involving mice, rosemary oil was shown to decrease DHT. DHT is a hormone that can trigger hair loss and thinning hair. Increasing DHT levels in the scalp causes hair follicles to die. Rosemary oil has been shown to block androgen receptor activity which in turn minimizes the effects of DHT on hair loss. Using Rosemary Oil to Grow Hair As shown in the study from 2015, it is possible to regrow hair or stimulate thicker hair growth with the regular use of rosemary oil. Here's how you can do this at home: Buy rosemary oil Place a mixture of 50% rosemary oil with 50% sunflower oil in a slow cooker and heat on low for five to six hours Add a couple of mint leaves and let the oil cool Rub the lukewarm oil into your hair and scalp and allow to penetrate for an hour or more before rinsing clean with warm water Not only can this rosemary oil hair treatment help with hair growth, but it can also protect the strands against sun damage and oxidation. Rosemary Oil for a Healthy Scalp To use rosemary oil to slow the process of graying hair, end dandruff issues, and relieve a dry, irritated scalp, do the following: Buy rosemary oil Add 20-30 drops of rosemary oil to a cup of water Rub the water and oil mixture into your scalp and spread through each strand of hair Allow the oil to penetrate your hair and scalp for at least an hour before rinsing Do not apply rosemary oil directly to your scalp without diluting with oil first. For a soothing hot oil treatment, you can warm the water and oil mixture before applying it to your hair.