Whether you are looking for a bed for in-home care or a facility you want to be sure the bed is the perfect fit for the patient. The Invacare Etude plus hospital bed is for community or in-home care use, and it is easy to transport. This bed is safe for patients to handle with lockable functions to prevent accidents. The frame color and woodwork come in 2 colors beech and aluminum grey. The Etude plus bed also has a built-in low version to reduce any potential injury if the patient is prone to falling out of bed.  Easy assembly and dismantling make it so that it is easy to handle and store by the caregiver and patient. Another great feature of this bed is that it is lightweight and easy to move weighing about 116 pounds. The bed doesn’t require the use of tools to dismantle the motor making maintenance a breeze. Features of the Etude Plus This bed has many other features that provide comfort and ease of use for the patient and caregivers. Shear management technology helps improve comfort while sitting and reducing shear and friction forces which helps to prevent pressure ulcers. Side rails make it so that the patient will not roll off the bed while sleeping. Cover for wooden side rail provides padding for comfort. The padding stays in place when the rail is lowered. Hand control with or without lockable functions. The lockable features are meant to protect a patient who has spams, is confused, or restless. They also prevent a patient from accidentally pressing on a button when they are unaware. These controls help a patient to adjust the bed with functions such as 
  • Up
  • Down
  • Sitting position
  • Height adjustment
  • Tilt function
  • Key for unlocking and locking functions
Some other features include
  1. Support handles that turn to help support the patient when moving into the standing position.
  2. Lifting pole 
  3. Mattress support extension can be extended to 100 to 200 mm. 
  4. 4 function hi-lo
  5. Headrest raise
  6. Knee break raise
  7. Trendelenburg and reverse Trendelenburg
Whether the patient is in community or residential care comfort and ease of use is essential. Comfort is not only for sleeping, but it is also preventing further injury to the patient. Some injuries that can occur for patients are: 
  • Falling out of bed
  • Bed Sores
  • Pressure ulcers
  • An accidental button being pushed
The benefit of this kind of bed is the ability for the patient easily adjust their own bed position — especially patients who have limited mobility. These beds help give patients the ability to adjust to an upright position to watch tv, eat, and drink. The handrails make it easy for a patient to lift themselves from the bed easily. The adjustable height makes it so that the patient can easily get in and out of bed as well. This bed is attractive and modern, simple to use, and easy to handle.