Since most patients spend a significant amount of time in bed recovering hospital sheets are meant to provide comfort for the patient. The comfort of a patient’s bed is going to depend more on the sheets than the mattress underneath the sheets. Each type of hospital bed mattress has its own unique shape and size, so it is important to find the correct sheets for each bed type. Hospital bed mattresses differ from the standard mattress sizes that we use for our beds. Therefore, you will have to buy them special to fit the hospital bed mattresses. A hospital bed mattress generally is about 36 inches wide and about 80 inches long. Some hospital bed mattresses can be up to 84 inches long, and some beds may be significantly wider. Sheet Measurements for Hospital Beds  Hospital bed mattress sizes are generally 35, 36, 39, 42, 48, 54, and 60 inches wide. The length of these mattresses can range from 75, 80, 84 inches long. Therefore, a typical twin-size sheet will not work for this mattress because it will be too small. If the sheet is too small for the bed, it will keep coming off, and that can become uncomfortable for the patient. A full-size sheet will not work either because it will be too loose, and it can sag off the bed and become a tripping hazard for the patient, a visitor, or a caregiver. A bariatric mattress is a mattress that is wider than 36 inches and is typically constructed with dense foam.  Bariatric sheets measure about 80 inches long, 52 inches wide and 12 inches in depth. The extended length of hospital bed sheets measure about 36 inches wide, 84 inches long, and 8 inches in depth. Hospital bed mattresses are constructed with innerspring foundation or solid, dense foam. The depth of the mattress may differ from each bed. Most beds are about 6 inches thick, and some are up to 9 inches thick. There are also deep mattresses that can be 10 inches to 15 inches thick. This is another consideration to keep in mind when buying sheets. Some beds also have a gel or foam topper, and that can change the thickness of the mattress as well.  Mattress Sheets So, when looking for sheets for hospital bed mattress sheets, you will need an extended twin or extra-long twin size. The extra-long twin sheet has a measurement of 39 inches wide by 80 inches long.  Some sheets can also be stretched out to fit the hospital bed mattress. Bariatric beds have their own sheets that are about 52 inches wide and 80 inches long because these beds are significantly wider and have a thicker mattress. There are also sheets for the extended length beds which are about 36 inches wide and 84 inches long. It is important to buy the proper sheets for each mattress to avoid unwanted accidents or discomfort. When shopping for bed sheets keep in mind the comfort of the patient.