Most patients will spend most of their recovery in a hospital bed. There are also patients that are bedridden and will spend most of their lives in a hospital bed so when it comes to buying sheets it is important to buy the right sheets. Comfort is a must for the patient because no matter how great the mattress is if the sheets are not comfortable then the patient is not comfortable.  Hospital bed sheets differ in size from average bed sheets. Although they do not come in the standard twin, full, queen, and king size they are not too hard to find in many stores that carry bed sheets. Around the time the back to school time sales starts it is quite easy to find a variety of sheets and sizes because college students are gearing up to furnish their dorms.  Hospital Bed Sheets In-store The great thing about shopping in a store is that you can physically feel the texture of the sheets. You also instantly have your purchase without waiting on it to ship to your home or office. Stores such as Target, Walmart and Bed Bath and Beyond carry sheets that are size XL which is also called an extra-long twin sheet. The extra-long twin sheet is different from a regular twin sheet because it has a measurement of 39 inches wide by 80 inches long. The XL twin sheet will fit your typical hospital bed mattress. The great part about buying these sheets in a store is you can choose from a variety of colors such as pink, green or blue which is great for your in-home care patients. The in-store pricing is not too bad either because you can find the XL Twin sheets in the twenty to forty-dollar price range. Bed Bath and Beyond also sell DMI and Drive Medical Brand bed sheets in standard white color ranging from the thirty to forty-dollar price range.  Buy Hospital Bed Sheets Online The great thing about shopping online aside from not having to leave the house is that you have access to all different stores in one spot. You have more brand, size and color choices than you would have if you are limited to one store. You can shop virtually anywhere, and you can do your research before you commit to buying. Online stores such as Amazon and Medlab Gear sell Invacare brand bed sheets in many size varieties that fit many hospital mattresses. These sheets range in price from 9.99 and up.  You can find colors such as blue hydrangea, spa blue, and white. You can find stain resistant, wrinkle-free, and hypoallergenic sheets. You can also choose from microfiber and jersey knit sheet sets or even single sheets and blankets. Because hospital bed mattresses range is size and depth, it is not a one size fits all kind of deal when it comes to hospital bed sheets. Be sure to know the size measurements and factor in foam or gel mattress toppers as they will change the fit of your sheets.