Finding insulin syringes online can be tough if you don’t know what you’re looking for or the average price of syringes. You could go to your local pharmacy but many won’t sell insulin syringes over the counter for fear of what people are using them for! Some states provide for the sale of insulin syringes over the counter without a prescription but may limit the number you can buy. Luckily, you can buy insulin syringes online – here’s your guide to where to buy insulin syringes. What is an Insulin Syringe? An insulin syringe will include four parts: a plunger, a barrel, a needle, and a cap for the needle. Needles in insulin syringes are short and thin. They feature a layer of silicon so it will puncture and pass through the skin with ease and less pain. Insulin syringes come in a variety of sizes – the higher the gauge, the thinner the needle: 28 gauge with ½ inch needle length 29 gauge with ½ inch needle length 30 gauge with 5/16 inch needle length 31 gauge with 5/16 inch needle length What Type of Insulin Syringe Should I Buy? While many diabetic patients want a syringe they can re-use due to the frequency in which they must use syringes and the price of insulin syringes – it is not safe to re-use an insulin syringe. In fact, re-using lancets or syringes can be deadly as it may cause a number of skin infections. Insulin syringes are available as single-use, disposable syringes. Single-use syringes for sale online are often sold in large boxes of 10 or more. In addition to considering the gauge and thickness of the needle you need when you buy syringes, you’ll also want to consider the liquid measurement. The liquid measurement on the side of a syringe box is in ‘cc.’ CC stands for cubic centimeter (CC is a shorthand code for medical doses). Additional Syringe Features to Consider There is still more to consider when buying insulin syringes online than size, needle length, and CC. Also consider comfort and use features as well, including such features as: Lubrication of needles Surgical steel needles Easy flow Film-coated needles Easy grip barrels Wide finger grips Easy to read measurements You’ll also want to make sure you have disposable gloves, vials and vial seals, and prep pads handy. Where to Buy Insulin Syringes While you can buy syringes in the pharmacy or online without a prescription in some states, it’s often easiest to buy insulin syringes online. Medlab Gear carries a variety of diabetic supplies including syringes, blood collection supplies, and lancets.