You’ll hear the word “vial” used most often in terms of its medical purposes. Vials are containers that can hold liquids, medications, serums, and other compounds. In the medical world, sterile vials are used. Generally, vials are made from glass. If a vial is sealed, they will use either a screw cap or a vial plug. The vial is used in combination with a needle and a syringe. To fill the syringe, insert the needle into the vial and pull the plunger back to fill it with whatever is inside the vial. Steer Clear of Craft Store Vials With the increase of people creating and bottling their own essential oils, and crafters loving the little glass vials for their creation purposes – you could find and purchase a variety of vials from craft stores and department stores. At first, you may think you’re getting a great deal on these little glass bottles, but keep in mind these are not designed for medical purposes and are not sterile or properly sealed to prolong the life of the serum, compounds, or medications that will be stored in your vials.

Considerations When Buying Vials When you buy vials, you’ll want to consider the size of vial you need for your purposes. The size will determine how much product you can store in the vial. You should also consider the shelf life of whatever you’re storing in your vials and ensure you’re choosing vials that will store the product air-tight if needed. You may also need to consider the size of the opening of the vial – they come in standard and wide opening sizes to accommodate different size needles and syringes. Glass vials also come in different colors and shades, which can help with preventing excess light from getting to the liquid you store in your vials. Common vial sizes include: Dram Size: 2.5, Fluid Ounce: .28oz, Cubic: 8.4ml Dram Size: 3, Fluid Ounce: .40oz, Cubic: 11.8ml Dram Size: 3.5, Fluid Ounce: .44 oz, Cubic: 12.94ml Dram Size: 5, Fluid Ounce: .63 oz, Cubic: 18.48ml Dram Size:7, Fluid Ounce: .88oz, Cubic: 25.88ml Dram Size: 9 Fluid Ounce: 1.13oz, Cubic: 33.27ml Single Vial or Bulk Vial Purchases You can purchase a single glass vial or you can buy vials in bulk. If you have a need for more than one vial it’s generally recommended that you make the bulk purchase as you’ll pay less per item than you would if you buy them individually over time. For example, a single vial from MedlabGear is $5.99 while you can buy a case of 25 vials for $34.99. Where to Buy Vials Online When comparing online options for buying vials, look for companies that sell vials produced by a USA FDA licensed pharmaceutical manufacturer for your own safety and security. MedLabGear offers vials from USA FDA licensed manufacturers so you can buy with confidence!