If you need syringe filters to remove particles from a sample before you analyze or make use of it, a syringe filter will get the job done. Syringe filters will filter liquids when they are initially drawn from a vial or as they are delivered by forcing the liquid or compound through the filter. MedLabGear offers Whatman GDX Sterile Syringe Filters specifically designed for load samples with high particulates greater than 10ml in size. GDX syringe filters are known for processing three to seven times more than the standard syringe filter. What Do Syringe Filters Do? When injecting drugs, syringe filters will prevent complications that come from injection of drugs that may include unwanted particles. When pushing the liquid, serum, or compound through a syringe filter it will eliminate impurities of the drug containing solution. Buy Sterile Syringe Filters Some people decide to buy unsterilized syringe filters with the plan of sterilizing them at home before use. The unsterile syringe filters may cost less, but it is never recommended to use any injection equipment which is not sterilized. Home sterilization methods may not result in 100% sterilized equipment, and therefore you are putting yourself at unnecessary risks for infection and other complications. It is recommended that you only buy sterilized syringe filters to reduce your risks. So when looking for where to buy syringe filters, make sure you are looking at sources that provide sterilized filters. If you must sterilize your own filters, or are buying syringe filters for something other than medical use and therefore does not require sterilization, be sure to purchase your non-sterile filters from a reputable source and that are labeled as “Biosafe” so they can be autoclaved with a steam autoclave machine or clean them with alcohol. Never use bleach to sterilize your syringe filters as the bleach can damage the filter’s membranes. MedLabGear is Your Source for Buying Syringe Filters Buying medical supplies online is the most convenient method of purchase for many people. You simply search for what you need and place the order and within a few days, it’s delivered directly to your door step. It doesn’t get any easier than that! It’s discreet, and you can order whatever you need from the source of your choice as you are not limited to the stores and availability of products in your immediately geographical area. MedLabGear offers syringe filters in various sizes and types from the following leading manufacturers: Pall Millipore Whatman Browse our inventory and make the selection according to your needs for brand, size, purpose, and quantity. We’re happy to be your choice for an online supplier of medical and research supplies.