If you have been trying to get pregnant for several months without luck, you might decide to use an ovulation kit that helps you pinpoint the best opportunity for having intercourse to maximize your chances of getting pregnant. Choosing the best ovulation kit for the best results is a matter of preference. Most kits work the same way, although some may be more sensntive than others. The Luteinizing Hormone (LH) and What it Means for Ovulation In the female body, the luteinizing hormone is always present but it increases within a day or two before you ovulate. It is the increase of the LH which triggers your ovary to release an egg (ovulation). Women trying to get pregnant should know when they are ovulating because it is the most fertile time of your cycle and the most likely time for a woman to become pregnant if they have intercourse during this time. The Best Ovulation Kit If a woman tracks her monthly menstrual cycle on her own, it is often possible to predict when you are ovulating. It can be challenging for women who do not have a regular menstrual cycle, however, and that is why the best ovulation kits can help a woman determine when they are ovulating in order to increase their likelihood of becoming pregnant. Some ovulation kits only come with a couple tests and that may not be enough to tell you when you are ovulating. The best ovulation kit will have a minimum of seven tests in it, or more. Tips for Using Ovulation Kits Don't just use your ovulation kit every day waiting to see it notify you that you are ovulating. Instead, look for a build-up of the fertile-quality cervical mucus when you use the bathroom. You might see this on the toilet paper when you wipe after urinating, or in your panties. This is a sign that ovulation is close and is a good time to use your ovulation kit to pinpoint the best time to have intercourse to get pregnant. Some ovulation kits will require that you use them first thing in the morning when the hormone will be stronger in the urine, but it's not required for all ovulation kits. What you do want to do is test about the same time each day and reduce the amount of liquids you consume about four hours before you test to help strengthen the hormone in your urine for the most accurate testing. 
Ovulation Test Kit Accuracy Ovulation tests are 99% accurate in the detection of the LH surge that happens right before you ovulate, but they are unable to tell you whether ovulation occurs or not. Some women experience an increase in LH but then do not release an egg – which is called Luteinized Unruptured Follicle Syndrome (LUFS). Some women may have polycycstic ovarian syndrome, which means their LH increases slightly several times before it fully peaks, which misleads you into thinking you are ovulating when you aren't (yet). CuriousMe Ovulation Test Kit(7 Tests) We sell the CuriousMe brand of ovulation test kit. It is over 99% accurate in detecting an increase of LH to help you identify when you are most fertile. The test kit includes seven tests with easy to read results.