Many chemical compounds share similar names. Miglyol is one such oil. Miglyol 812 and 840 are recognized for their ability to improve concentrations of research chemicals and cosmetics, as well as their high stability against oxidation, but what is the difference? One of them is used for research purposes to reduce body weight and abdominal fat. What is Miglyol 840? Miglyol 840 is a propylene glycol diester, It comes from saturated plant fatty acids chain lengths of C8 and C10. A fatty acid is a carbon chain that play a role in metabolic fuel for membranes, but they are also used for industrial purposes as a stabilizer. A saturated fatty acid means that it is filled with hydrogen and has an even number of carbon atoms in its chain, about 12-22. Miglyol 840 is a pure product that is highly desired by pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries because it has few to no additives, it has minimal additives, and it is a clear, colorless liquid that allows for a product to be spread across the skin, it is a non-greasy formula, it is water resistant, it has a low viscosity, and its non-oxidizing. If Miglyol 840 is used for injection, it acts as a solubilizer, and its low viscosity is desired as a carrier. When researchers and other manufacturers buy miglyol 840 online, they have to do so in large quantities. What is Miglyol 812? Miglyol 812 is also a clear neutral oil. Miglyol 812 is a liquid form of an MCT oil. An MCT oil is a medium-chain triglyceride. A medium-chain triglyceride is a man-made fat that that is partially manmade. It is identified by the way the carbon atoms are rearranged in the structure. Many people use MCTs, which are typically derived from coconut and palms oils and dairy fats, for improved diet and weight management. According to the Cleveland Clinic, MCTs decrease metabolic syndrome, reduce abdominal obesity, and boost weight loss. Like miglyol 840, miglyol 812 is desired in toxicology and pharmaceuticals because it improves the solubility and absorption of injectables and oral compounds. Miglyol is soluble at 20 degrees Celsius. Additional properties of miglyol 812 are spreadability, penetration-promoting application, and high stability compared to natural oils. When used as a lotion, cream, or any other spreadable application, miglyol 812 is permeable and non-greasy; therefore, it does not obstruct the skin's natural respiration. Whether you use miglyol 812 or miglyol 840, it is recommended you filter the oil before use, even if you buy directly from the manufacturer. It is better to err on the side of caution. Even if the miglyol sold online says it is made with raw materials and is already filtered, always take the extra step yourself to ensure you get any contaminants out. While natural oils may seem like a better solution for your needs, it is important to consider miglyol compounds because they are manufactured in a way that ensures stability and purity. They can also be more cost effective.